• 30 июня 2019, воскресенье
  • Москва, Большой Златоустинский переулок 7/1

Improv Workshop from New York: The Spokane

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240 дней назад
30 июня 2019 c 13:00 до 16:00
Большой Златоустинский переулок 7/1

New York City based veteran House Team Improviser Scott Benjamin will conduct a workshop focusing on an improv form called “The Spokane”.

This form is also called “The Family Guy” because it has elements of that show — sudden surprising flashbacks, and quick returns to the main scene. It is a really fun form to study and play, because it includes elements of the monoscene (where groundedness is a virtue) and also elements of “game,” “heightening,” and fast play.

What will you learn at this workshop? 

In learning this form, you’ll learn to stretch yourself, to play both fast and slow, both grounded and absurd, and you’ll also develop the “muscle” of remembering the variety of characters and scenes you and your teammates have played, will play, and how to toggle back and forth between them. 

We will also explore characters, in relationship to one another, object work,  and the fundamentals of good scenes, which are essential to The Spokane, and any other form you work on. 

In the evening all the participants will have a chance to show what they’ve learnt on stage.

Be prepared for some fun, funny high energy play!
Price: 1500 rubles
Date & Time: June 30 at 13:00-16:00
Venue: Большой Златоустинский переулок 7/1

The moderator: Scott Benjamin, an improviser from New York City. He has been studying and performing improv for about nine years. He has been in a cast member of numerous House Teams in NYC Improv Theaters, including “The PIT” (The People’s improv Theater), The Armory, 10,000 Hours, and also performs with a number of independent teams, including Paper Moon, which performs a unique form called ArtProv, which he helped to develop. Scott currently performs weekly at The PIT, on the House Team “Curmudgeon”.

Before studying improv, Scott performed stand up comedy, and magic for many years, through high school, college, and law school, and he toured around the US performing. Scott currently performs his comedy/magic solo act “Scott Benjamin: Magic Depressive” at numerous theaters around NYC.

When not improvising, Scott is currently a practicing lawyer in New York City.


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